Blood And Bone: Enriching Lives Through Gardening

Blood And Bone: Enriching Lives Through Gardening

Tips on how to best mow your lawn

Darren Stevens

Mowing the lawn is an essential activity for all homeowners with a garden, as it keeps the property looking good and also keeps the lawn healthy. Most people tend to just cut their grass the way they always have without considering actions they can take to make sure the result of their mowing turns out looking as good possible while also making the grass healthier. In order to improve your mowing technique and thereby get a better lawn, there are a few things you should think about.

Switch up the pattern

Most people have a standard pattern that they always use when they mow the lawn. This might be because it's difficult to break habits you've had for many years or because that's just the easiest way to mow that particular lawn. However, you should make sure to switch up what pattern you mow your lawn in. Change directions and take alternative paths as you're driving your lawnmower. This causes the grass to not bow down in the direction it's used to being cut but instead rise up, meaning it grows straighter and thicker. You can even use your standard pattern for mowing if you have one, but simply start at the opposite end the next time you mow your lawn.

Look up

Cutting the grass in straight lines is one of the most common ways to mow a lawn, as it makes it easy to remember where you've already cut. It also creates an appealing pattern on the lawn. In order to make the lines as straight as possible and avoid odd patches where you've missed the line, you should remember to look up as you're mowing. Keep your eyes a little bit in front of the lawnmower to look where you're going, rather than down on the mower. This is especially important if you use lawnmowers that you sit in and drive, for example different types of hustler mowers, as it's easier to accidentally go slightly off track when you're driving rather than if you were steering a lawnmower in front of you.

Let the cut grass lay

You should also consider taking the collector bag or box off some of the times when you mow your lawn and leave the cut grass on the lawn. This helps spread more seeds and nutrients in the lawns than if you collect the cut grass and throw it away. The added nutrients can cause your lawn to grow thicker and taller. If your lawn is very sparse, you might want to consider doing this every time you cut your lawn.


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Blood And Bone: Enriching Lives Through Gardening

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